Athlete Profile


Ianna at the 2014 BC Summer Games where she came home with three gold medals and one bronze. Photo: Michael Folkes

Name: Ianna Folkes
Age: 16
Started Paddling:  Age 12, when her dad encouraged her to try out a unique and challenging sport.
As a Competitor: Ianna races K-1 W. She likes the 500m the best, but races all distances. She competed in the Surrey BC Summer Games in 2012, and in the Nanaimo BC Summer Games in 2014, as well as in Seattle, and many regattas in BC.
Personal Best: The Nanaimo BC Summer Games this past summer where she won a gold medal in the women’s 2000m.
Goals: Ianna wants to continue improving her technique and strength and move on to competitive races all over Canada. She would like to study biochemistry at the University of McGill after graduating from high school.