Nanaimo River Slalom at the BC Summer Games


Zone six's Jacob Horwood taking on the slalom course at the BC Summer Games

Jacob Horwood taking on the slalom course at the 2014 BC Summer Games. Photo: CKBC.

This summer, seventy junior athletes from across the province converged at the Nanaimo River to test their skills.

by Sean Plecas

The slalom race was one of nineteen competitions organized by the BC Summer Games Society. The course consisted of ten downstream gates and five upstream gates. Athletes were given one race run compared to the usual best of two. There was a kayak men’s junior class, a closed canoe men’s junior class, a kayak women’s junior class, and a closed canoe woman’s junior class. Seventy athletes started the course and 65 athletes finished. It was a good thing that we had safety boaters in place. Five athletes completed clean runs; they didn’t touch or miss any gates (no penalties). The race finished an hour early. The return bus was one and a half hours late. This pushed the medal presentation and a bunch of other things forward to the next day.

Thanks to all the volunteers without which this event would not have happened. Thanks to Mary-Jane Abbott for her organizational work and for bringing over the CKBC 20’ x 20’ tent and to Ashley Rowe for putting bums in boats. Thanks to Jon Allen for taking care of the start and for bringing over the Chilliwack Centre of Excellence’s outreach trailer, complete with plastic race boats, paddles, and PFDs. Big thanks to Dan Norman, of Brentwood College, for designing and erecting the course, and for taking care of timing and results. Thanks also to my girl friend Lise, for wading through a blackberry bush to get a wire hung.