Flatwater Sprint Canoe Kayak

Flatwater Sprint Canoe Kayak Racing

Flatwater Sprint Canoe Kayak Racing is a sport that utilizes balance, power, technique and speed. Distances raced by paddlers are 200m, 500m, 1000m, 2000m, and 6000m in single, double and four person racing canoes and kayaks.  Sprint racing is recognized internationally at the Olympic Games and locally at the Western Canada Summer Games and Canada Summer Games. NCKC offers  coached flatwater sprint canoe kayak training program.

The term “flatwater” signifies that the waters which these boats race on is flat: calm rivers, sheltered bays or lakes. In competitions, buoys are set out with 9 lanes, which competitors stay in for the duration of the race – with the exception of the 2km and 6km events.

BC Flatwater Sprint Clubs: