New Coach Boat, SUPs & Mini K4

NCKC has purchased a new coach boat, four stand-up paddle boards and will soon add a new mini K-4 to the fleet. The new boats will extend the club’s current training and paddling opportunities for members.

New Coach Boat at the Crazy 8s

New Coach Boat at the Crazy 8s

The coach boat (pictured above) is an eleven foot rigid hull Zodiac powered by the club’s 15 horse outboard (repaired for the BC Summer Games but never used). This new boat performs well on the wavy northeast side of Newcastle Island. It will be moored at the Brechin Paddling Dock to be used for coaching and safety. It was used with success at the recent Crazy 8 Races.

The four new stand-up paddle boards: two beginner boards and two racing boards, are being purchased with funds donated by Ian Douglas, Raymond James and Vancouver Island University foundation. “The SUPs are an exciting addition to our fleet,” says vice commodore, Ben Sopow. “Paddlers can learn new skills and experience the water from another perspective. We look forward to lots of fun for all paddlers, old and new!” These boards will be kept at the Brechin Paddling Dock.

NCKC is also adding a new sprint trainer for young paddlers: a mini MK4 Dolphin. The boat will address a major problem for young kayakers, who naturally sit low in adult kayaks. “The adult K4, K2, and K1 kayaks are not appropriate for the technical training of younger kids because of size and the unsuitable design of the boats,” says NCKC head coach, Igor Nikitovik. As a solution, Hody has designed and developed the four person mini kayak, a boat that’s proving useful for youth training and is playing an increasingly important role in the sport.  Canoe Kayak BC will put $1000 toward the new mini K4. The balance will be paid by NCKC over the next four years. The boat is manufactured in Hungary and is being shipped to Canada in a container that should arrive mid-April. It will be a welcome addition to the Long Lake armada.