Proper Technique Pays Off in Fewer Injuries and Faster Times


Kathleen, Igor, Derek & Ron

by Kathleen (surfski paddler)

Now that Igor has been coaching us older adults (Ron, Derek and myself ) for a year, we’ve noticed a significant improvement. I highly suggest that the OC paddlers – novice to experienced racers – take part in the new OC training sessions NCKC is offering.

One of the first things Igor told us was, “No wonder you are all having aches and injuries, you are not paddling correctly.” We thought we were pretty good until he started showing us what we were doing wrong. Not only did we become much more efficient paddlers but we also felt a lot better. He put us through some grueling workouts and none of us has sustained any shoulder or back problems. He pushed us over 50 adults beyond what we thought our limits were.

Igor knows how to prepare you for a race with his tailored sessions. He knows how to train you properly so you can achieve your best with minimal injury to yourself. We have some very dedicated competitive OC paddlers, so take advantage of what Igor has to offer no matter what your experience is. If you want to win races he will help you do that.

Tip: Just do what he says and don’t argue it, no matter how right you think you may be. Just do it ! You will be surprised at the outcome. It took us a while to change our stroke, paddle angle etc. It felt strange. Then one day, it all came together and flowed. What a feeling going to a big race and having one of the best paddlers in the world, Clint Robinson, multiple Olympic champion, tell you that you looked good.