Rolling a Kayak


The Nanaimo Canoe and Kayak Club (NCKC), is coordinating 6 kayak roll/self rescue sessions this Winter at Beban Pool (2300 Bowen Rd). In these sessions you will learn the skills leading to and including the sweep roll.


Everyone is welcome!

Kayak skills leading to rolling:
1. paddle; feather, bent shaft, paddle length, and materials.
2. rocker and chine
3. kayak outfitting.
4. getting into and out of the kayak (no seal launches).
5. how to put the spray deck on and pull tab.
6. wet exit.
7. hip flick.
8. low and high brace.
9. t-rescue.
10. Sea o sky or sweep roll.

Bring your own boat, spray skirt, and paddle. Gear will be provided if you do not have your own. Please email  if you would like to borrow equipment.

Please enter the facility by the back door beside the water slides. Arrive early as everyone must wash
their boat before entering the pool; only clean boats will be permitted.



See you at the pool!


E-mail Ashley if you need help at