Sprint Canoe Kayak Training Programs

Photo by Landon Sveinson

Photo by Landon Sveinson

The sport of Canoe Kayak offers many rewarding experiences: from travel and friendship to skill development and fun. There’s something for everyone, both as an individual and as part of a team.

Though NCKC’s coached training programs run all year round, Competitive Flatwater Sprint racing is most active through the months of April to September, during the regatta season. NCKC Athletes receive training from coaches certified through the National Coaching Certification Program and CanoeKayak Canada. For more information on any of our programs contact Igor at headcoach[at]nckc.ca or call 250-758-4052.  

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There are three levels to NCKC’s Coached Programs:

  • Regatta Ready
  • Junior Development
  • High Performance Training


Program Fees: $620 + insurance (Summer Program) and/or $620 (Winter Program)

The Regatta Ready program is designed for youth between the ages of 10 – 15 years old. All children are welcome as the program is for both experienced and inexperienced paddlers, and introduces children to the sport of sprint canoeing and kayaking. Participants will learn to paddle canoes and all kayaks; singles (K1), doubles (K2) and fours (K4).

Although there are different age categories within this program, all of the athletes train together in a group environment. All athletes will have the opportunity to compete in age class at local regattas.

Age groups (age of athlete on Jan 1 of year of season):

  • Under 10 years of age
  • Under 12 years of age
  • Under 14 years of age

The Program will include:

  • Individual and team activities
  • On water instruction and training
  • Water safety
  • Social activities
  • Dry land training
  • Swimming

The program seasonal timing runs as follows:

September: Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 4pm-6pm
July-August: Monday-Friday – 9am-1pm

(During winter the Regatta Ready continues to train with dryland activities.)

** A move from this group into the Junior Development group must be approved by our Head Coach


Program Fees: $815 + insurance (Summer Program) and/or $815 (Winter Program)

The Junior Development training group is designed for Under 16 and Under 18 years of age athletes who want to learn to paddle and compete in singles (K1), doubles (K2) and fours (K4, C4).

The training will include:

  • On the water instruction
  • Dry-land training
  • Body Weights and Weights
  • Swimming (winter)
  • Social activities
  • Flexibility training
  • Technical advice from our Head Coach

The Junior Development training group trains throughout the year:

September-June: Monday- Friday – 4pm-6pm
July-August: Monday-Friday – 7am-1pm

The Junior Development program timing runs as follows:

On-water : March to November
Off-water : November to March*


Program Fees: $1030 + insurance (Summer Program) and/or $1030 (Winter Program)
10 trainings per week for this group.

The High Performance program is available  athletes that have been selected by our Head Coach based on their commitment, drive, ability and performance.

Athletes will have the opportunity to compete in their age class in local regattas as well as Provincial and National Championships. These High Performance athletes will also have the opportunity to race at the BC and National Team Trials throughout the season.

The program will include intensive work with the Head Coach to develop short and long term goals under a training program designed by the Head Coach for them. The Athletes will be involved in a competitive group dynamic where they can push each other to be their best.

The training program will include:

  • Twice daily training sessions
  • Weight training
  • Dry-land training (through the winter months)
  • Swimming
  • Technical advice from the Head Coach
  • Social activities
  • Outdoor games
  • Video analysis
  • Flexibility training
  • The facility and all equipment will be available six days a week, at times designated by the Head Coach.  Athletes involved in the High Performance program will be expected to attend all practices and training camps outlined by the Head Coach at the coach athlete meeting.

The program seasonal timing runs as follows:

    On-water: March to November
    Off-water: November to March

For more information on any of our programs  contact the Head Coach Igor at headcoach[at]nckc.ca or call 250-758-4052.