2024 Youth Recreational Programs – 8 to 17 years


Kids Intro to Paddling Kids Intro to Big Boats Kids Intro to Sprint Kayak & Canoe

Youth C15 Team Youth Taste of Sprint Paddling Youth Intro to Dragon Boat


Kids Introduction to Paddling 

REGISTRATION via Activity Guide

Ages: Under 12 yrs
May 1 – June 19 → 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm –
July 3 – August 21 → 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm –
Fee: $ 144 per 8 Weeks Sessions

This program will introduce you to the wonderful world of paddle sports in a fun and supportive environment.

Learn the Three FUNdamental sport skills of balance, steering, and propulsion in a variety of human powered watercraft, including kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards. Challenge yourself and your teammates at the optional Rally to Race fun regatta at the end of June on Long Lake.
All equipment provided.

Kids Introduction to Sprint Kayak & Canoe 

REGISTRATION via Activity Guide

Ages: Under 12 yrs.
Mondays: 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

April 29  to May 27
June 03 – June 24
July 08 – July 29

Fee: $ 100 per 4 Weeks Sessions

Are you comfortable in a recreational kayak or canoe and looking for something more challenging?

Sprint Canoe-Kayak is an exciting sport that fosters teamwork, fitness, and a love of the outdoors. The program will cover the balance, propulsion and steering of Sprint boats, along with proper care and
handling of equipment, and an introduction to racing technique.

Paddlers should be prepared to get wet! All equipment provided.


Youth Voyageur Paddling Fitness

REGISTRATION via Activity Guide

Ages: 11-15
April 10 to  May 29 — 6:00 PM → 7:30 PM
Fee: $ 144 for 8 Sessions

This program is designed with an emphasis on fun, fitness, friendship, and skill development. Improve your paddling technique, learn to paddle as part of a team, and build your strength and endurance.  At the end of the program, crews will have the chance to compete in the annual Rally to Race Regatta, held right here on Long Lake!

All equipment provided.

Youth C-15 Team 

REGISTRATION via Activity Guide

Ages: 11-15
June 5 to June 26 – 6:00 pm → 7:30 pm
Fee: $100 for each 4 Weeks Sessions

New this Year! Come out and try the most exciting, and possibly the most challenging of our big canoes! The C-15 is a Sprint Racing Canoe for 14 people, who paddle in a high kneeling position and have a coxswain to steer the canoe who stands at the back . This is one of the most prestigious and exciting races at every Canadian Canoe and Kayak Sprint Championships.

In this program you will learn the proper technique to paddle this very special boat. Working as a team you will build your endurance, strength, increase your fitness level and have a great time!

All equipment provided.

Youth Taste of Sprint Paddling 

REGISTRATION via Activity Guide

Ages: 11-15
Every Saturday:
From May 18 to Aug 03
1:00 PM → 4:00 PM
Fee: $55 per Session (This program also offered to adults)

Are you looking for a unique individual sport, that will build endurance and strength, in a beautiful outdoor setting? Maybe you want a team sport, where every team member can contribute equally, and  support their crewmates. Maybe you just cannot decide?

Sprint canoe and kayak offers the best of both worlds. Paddlers train in single, double, four, and fifteen person crews, gaining endurance, strength, speed, and balance.

This introductory clinic covers the basics of balance, propulsion, and steering, in our sport.

Come out and give it a try!

All equipment provided

Youth Intro to Dragon Boat 

REGISTRATION via Activity Guide

Ages: 13-18
Wednesday and Friday Afternoons : 4:00 pm →5:30pm
May 1 to June 21

Fee: $160 for 16 Weeks Sessions

Explore the fastest growing team sport of dragon boating. This fun-filled, adrenaline sport is based upon ancient Chinese history of human powered watercraft.

Teams compete in large canoe-like boats fitted with a dragon’s head and tail. Crews sit in pairs and race over a variety of distances. The boat is steered by a tiller and the drummer in the front sets the pace.

No previous experience is necessary and you will be provided with a full training program of fun, healthy exercise, skills and team camaraderie.

All equipment Provided