Board of Directors



An elected volunteer Board of Directors governs the Nanaimo Canoe & Kayak Club based on the organization’s Constitution and Bylaws. The 2022 NCKC Board of Directors  consists of: Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, Athlete Rep, and Member(s) at Large.

Each Director is elected for an officer term beginning with the first Board Meeting following the Annual General Meeting  by which they were elected, and serves until the first Board Meeting following the next year’s Annual General Meeting. Each Director  must abide by the Conflict of Interest Policy Each Director must abide by the Code of Conduct and Harassment Policy.

Board meets once per month.


Commodore or Head Club Officer

  • Presides at all meetings of the Club, unless the voting members or the Directors decide otherwise
  • Produces agendas for all board meetings.
  • Enforces all rules of the Club
  • Has general supervision over all matters affecting the interests of the Club

Vice Commodore

  • Attends all Board and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Carries out the duties of the Commodore during the Commodore’s absence.


  • Attends all Board and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Renders financial statements to the Board of Directors, members and others when required
  • Deposits the funds in the name of the Club in designated bank accounts


  • Attends all Board and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Keeps minutes of all meetings of the society and Directors.

Equipment Manager

  • Attends all Board meetings.
  • Ensures that minor repairs to equipment are completed in a timely fashion.
  • Investigates sources for new equipment, presents information to the Board of Directors, and after approval, orders and purchases equipment

Safety Officer:

  • Attends all Board Meetings.
  • Responsible for implementing all CKBC and Club safety policies.
  • Responsible for ensuring all club personal and policies are up to date and adhere to CKBC
    SafeSport policy.
  • Keep records of all reporting of safety incidents at the club.
  • Acts as liaison between coaches and board for safety incidents and reporting.

Athlete Representative

  •  Selected by a majority vote of the athletes of the Club at the AGM
  • Attends all meetings of the Board
  • Acts as a liaison between the athletes and the Board of Directors

Fundraising Director

  • Organized fundraising opportunities for the Club. This may include but not limited to: car washes, bottle drives, garage sales, hot dog sales, raffles, etc.

Member(s) at Large

  • Attends all Board meetings of the Club.
  • Assists the Board of Directors in any way possible.