Mandatory CKBC Insurance for NCKC Members

Competitive Members Insurance Fees

Insurance coverage is a very important part of activities that are carried out by any sports organization. The risk of injury to anyone involved in any kind of sporting event is always present, from volunteers and officials, to coaches and athletes.

NCKC carries a general insurance policy to protect Club property and provide general liability coverage. Insurance coverage for individual members is available through Canoe Kayak BC. It is available for all Members  and campers. It is for kayak and canoe. Fees vary depending on level of activity.

All REGISTERED athletes, coaches, volunteers and officials of Canoe Kayak BC are automatically covered for accident/injury while participating in any activities sanctioned by the Club under CKBC’s insurance policy. This includes: all practices on or off the water, any training or activities associated with the club. Travel to and from Club meetings. It also includes driving of any coach boat and safety boats. As well as driving any vehicle for the purpose of relocating equipment, trailering or athlete driving.

NCKC acts as an agent for CKBC’s insurance provider. The insurance is active from the time CKBC registration is signed by the member (or parent/guardian if under 19 years).

Further inquiries about insurance coverage: